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            The following is an information handout designed to inform both the parents and the players of the Boys Basketball Program.  It is my sincere hope that this informational packet will be read and signed by each parent and their son.  This packet should also be retained because it contains important information that will be used throughout the year.


            Included in this packet is information concerning eligibility requirements, athletic code, objectives of the basketball program, season schedule, practice schedule, lettering requirements, grooming and dress requirements, and other pertinent information.  Included in this packet is a signature page, which must be signed by both the parent and student/athlete.  This signature will ensure that the rules and regulations contained in this handout will be encouraged by the parent, followed by the athlete, and regulated by the coaching staff.


            I hope that you and your friends will come and watch your team.  Parent and community support are essential to any winning ball club.  In many cases fans are a vital part of a winning organization.  We are embarking on a season that, with the support of family, friends, and community, will be both exciting and gratifying.




                                                                        See you at the games,




                                                                         Michael J.  Thacker








Table of Contents


Team Requirements

     Starters and Playing Time                                                     Page 1


     Coaches Responsibilities                                                      Page 2


     Athletic Requirements                                                 Page 2


     Tryout and Turnout Standards                                              Page 3


     Turnout Schedules                                                               Page 3


     Eligibility Requirements                                                        Page 4


     School Attendance                                                               Page 4


     Lettering Requirements                                                         Page 5


     Equipment Usage                                                                 Page 5


     Travel Regulations                                                               Page 5


Coaching Requirements

     Grooming and Dress                                                            Page 6


     Curfew                                                                                Page 6


     Support of Program                                                             Page 7


     Attitude                                                                               Page 7


     Coaching Policies                                                                Page 8


     Objectives                                                                           Page 8


Signature Page                                                                Page 9






       It shall be our policy to arrange challenging competition for our team.  I am a firm believer that when you play good teams, it helps you grow.  You can not get to the state tournament and win it by playing less qualified competition.  The amount of individual playing time will be made entirely by the coach’s discretion based on the following:


1.  Each player’s attitude will become a primary focus in regards to playing time.  As our program grows, individual ability takes on a less important role in a coach’s decision making.  It is a player’s ability to function as a part of a team and their concern for their teammate and the overall success of the team that becomes paramount.  Each basketball player must function with the pride and respect that is expected of Freeman student-athletes


2.  The effort and attitude that the player has toward the program, may included such items as weight lifting, conditioning (staying fit), basketball activities, and working on ones own to maintain a high level of competitiveness.


3.  A more important consideration concerning starters and playing time will be based on scrimmages during practice.  My coaching objective is to make every player a well-rounded player.  My offense is designed to allow every game participant a scoring chance.  This means that all players must be able to play every position and react like a team. This also means that no player has a single responsibility, like being the shooter, but that every player is only a part of the entire team and the needs of the team outweigh the desires of the individual.


4.  Although offense is important it is good defense that will win the tough games.  Half our gym time will be spent on defense.


5.  It is scrimmage time in practice and the use of practice statistics that brings both the offense and defense together and gives a player the time to learn through a game situation.  It is through the use of scrimmage time and scrimmage statistics that I base my decisions concerning starters and playing time, plus the discretion’s of the coaching staff.


6.  Practice statistics will be used in making my decisions on starters and playing time for each player.  Decisions during the game and any final decision on substitutes and playing time will be left up to the discretion of the coach.


7.  All final decisions will be based on the discretion of the coach.




     The responsibilities of the COACHES involved with the basketball program will at all times remain inside the guidelines listed by WIAA and the School District as well as the guidelines of the basketball program.  The COACHES will:


1.  Maintain the physical well being of the athlete.  Parents, please help the coaching staff keep your athlete healthy.  It is absolutely imperative that we do not jeopardize the success of our team because a player puts individual fulfillment above those of the team.  Staying healthy and abiding by the rules designed to keep a player in top physical as well as mental shape is the primary duty of a team player.


2.  Maintain a high level of good sportsmanship and will expect the players to follow our good example.


3.  Keep program schedules, practice times, and participation within WIAA regulations and school district policy.


4.  Keep informed about proper skills and techniques and will continue to learn, as should the athletes.


5.  Maintain the high quality of equipment and the facilities of our School District.


6.  All coaches will follow those guidelines which have been established at an early level by various programs (i.e., Little Dribblers, and AAU) these programs have been established by the Head Coach.




     Students participating in the High School Basketball Program shall be required to meet the following:


1.  School District academic and attendance requirements.


2.  Insurance coverage that meets WIAA requirements. (Don't be under-insured)


3.  Each student/athlete must have a High School A.S.B. card.


4.  Each student/athlete must sign both an athletic code and this information pack.


5.  Team requirements regarding practice attendance, appearance and etc.


6.  Players who choose to place individual satisfaction above the goals and dreams of the team will be disciplined accordingly.  The coaching staff will not allow players to jeopardize the success of the team twice.




1.  Tryouts for the basketball team will occur during the first three or four days of the practice schedule.  Practices during the tryout period are usually longer then the rest of our practices because we have more players participating and we are trying to give each player the opportunity to be evaluated by the coaching staff.  Our cut-policy will be primarily based on two aspects.

a. Attitude -- A positive mental attitude is essential to becoming a good team contributor. 

b. Athleticism -- Most coaches are hired to build a program that sustains itself year in and year out.  A good basketball program will continually feed good players through the system.  All coaches are hired to assess talent.  Assessing the abilities of each player is the most important factor involved in building a team that will maximize their successes.  The selection of participants on the basketball team is also the most difficult of all coaching decisions.  Our decisions will never make everyone happy.  Seniors will have an even more difficult task because they must have the ability to make a significant impact or we will choose the younger player.


2.  It is imperative that players who intend to play in the Basketball program attend all team functions.  People who miss practices shall be disciplined by being reduced to the second team, missing game time, or both.  If the practice is unexcused twice, or if the excused absences are excessive, the player can be dropped from the squad.  If any player displays actions, which result in being removed from practice, exceeding two occurrences, they will be dropped from the team.  We realize there are extenuating circumstances but this rule will be adhered to with very few deviations.


3.  The enclosed practice schedule will apply for the entire season.  Each player is expected to be dressed and ready to play at least 10 minutes prior to the stated time on the practice schedule.  A player should allow additional time if taping is required.  It is good practice to be early to all events.   This is strictly enforced.


4.  Players will notify Coach Thacker if not attending practice.  Absences from practice without prior notification will be considered unexcused.  If absent from school, call the High School office at 291-3721 (ext. 220) and ask to speak with Coach Thacker or leave a message.  If you are absent from school for any reason other than medical reasons, family emergency, or your absent has not been approved by the Principal then you may not practice for that day.




Gym schedules are provided for you in this handout and they will be followed, where possible, almost completely.  We must share the gym facilities with the Girls program, so I suggest you watch your schedules closely.  Our turnouts, at first, will last about three hours, and as the season wears away they will probably last two hours.  Time schedules and length of practice will always be left up to the discretion of the coach.




In order to be eligible for Boys Basketball, the following items must be taken care of before the student/athletes are allowed on the floor. (No Exceptions)


1.  PHYSICAL EXAM- We must have a record of the physical in our files prior to any player participation.  A certified physician must have done this exam.  If a player had a physical for a fall sport or summer camp this summer it will meet this requirement.  Spring physicals are also acceptable, if given after March 15.


2.  INSURANCE- Players must either have purchased the school insurance coverage, (available in the High School office) or have turned in a signed waiver form for our files.  The waiver form is for players having adequate coverage with their own personal insurance.


3.   A.S.B. CARD - Since basketball players are representing the student body of High School and are using student body funds for equipment, he must purchase a student body card.  This also includes towel usage.


4.   MEDICAL TREATMENT FORMS - All players must have on file a copy of a signed medical treatment form.  These forms can be obtained from the coach or in the main office and must have parent signatures. (Please re-do for every sport)


5.  ATHLETIC CODE- A signed copy of the Athletic Code must be on file prior to player’s participation.  Parents and players are urged to read the code very carefully and all questions should be directed to the coach or administration.  Usage of drugs and alcohol will not be tolerated.  The school and coaching staff are willing to help any student that has a desire to make a change in his life.  If there are questions, please notify the coaching staff prior to our first turnout.


6.  INFORMATION PACKET- Each player and his parents are required to read this handout.  Sign and return it to Coach Mike Thacker prior to the first turnout.  The signatures will signify that both the athlete and parents are willing to follow and adhere to the rules of this information packet.


7.  GRADES- please note academic policy found in this basketball handout.




       Student/athletes are reminded that missing any part of the school day disqualifies a player from participation in any athletic competition.  Parents and players are to go through the athletic director's office if school will be missed due to medical, family, and emergency situations.  Most potential problems have been worked out because the athletic department was notified ahead of time.



     My policy on lettering is a departure from previous criteria as far as lettering for basketball.  The decision on whether or not a player should receive a letter will be left entirely to the judgment of the coach with emphasis on the criteria listed below.


1.  He has attended every practice.


2.  Is a full time contributor to the program?


3.  Has done his level best in every practice.


4.  Has participated in at least 30 quarters, of the possible 80, during a season in order to qualify for a varsity letter.


     I am a firm believer that it is a teams' second bunch of kids that makes its first bunch great.  They deserve an opportunity to letter whether they play in the game or not and therefore, the head coach reserves the right to make final lettering determinations.




1.   Uniforms must be cared for carefully.  Wash them separately in cold water using a very mild soap.   Never use bleach.   It is recommended that the uniform be allowed to drip dry or use the dryer for a very short period of time at LOW heat.  Any loss or damages to the uniforms, including color changes or fading, will be the responsibility of the player and he will be charged accordingly.   (Please refer to attached washing instructions)


2.  Players will be held accountable and charged for replacing any equipment checked out to them.  Any player who does not turn in his gear after the season will have his grades withheld until his equipment is accounted for.




1.  All players will ride the team bus to and from the away games.   We would encourage riding the bus back from an event.  In most cases the bus is safer, the bus returns home faster, and we feel that it is a part of team pride and unity to stick together, even on the bus.  Notification must be in writing, if your son will not be returning home on the team bus.


2.  Bus travelers must cooperate with the driver of the team bus.  Excessive noise, abusive language, or any littering will result in disciplinary action.


3.  Player’s behavior and manners are expected to be courteous and well-behaved at all times.  Infractions will be punished by loss of playing time.





1.  The length of hair shall be medium-short (up-around the ears and above the collar) and trimmed neatly, this includes a very low tolerance to extreme hairstyles.  Make sure that your hairstyle is acceptable to the COACHES.  No facial hair allowed.  Players shall be required to maintain personal hygiene at a high level.  Showers are required after all turnouts and games.  We strongly suggest that players have sweats and hats, our emphasis will be team health.  Towels will be provided for you after each practice, home, and away games.


2.  Practice jerseys shall be supplied to all players.  Practice pants can be purchased from the COACHES.  These shall be the responsibility of each player and they will be kept clean and neat looking.


3.  It has been my feeling that an athlete plays well in what he feels comfortable in, so I do not require that every athlete wear identical shoes for practices.  I would suggest that you contact the coach before buying any controversial shoe so you do not buy a pair of shoes that the coach won't let you wear.  Contact the coach if you need help purchasing shoes.  Players in the program in grades 9-12 have opted to purchase a team shoe.  The team shoe is a Reebok.  The price of the team shoe is $65.00, which includes the tax.  The advantage in selecting a team shoe is they are replaced easily, usually no questions asked.  Team members from grades 9-12 must participate in this program. Each player will be expected to keep a pair of shoes that are neat, clean and functions at a high level of efficiency.


4.  On game days players will be required to dress for all ball games in dress clothes --- suits, slacks and sweaters, slacks with dress shirts or other appropriate attire, (ties not required).  No jeans, tennis shoes, T-shirts, or other inappropriate clothes will be allowed.   On away trips players may not be allowed on the bus and at home he may lose playing time or may not be allowed to suit up.  The varsity, junior varsity, and C-squad will have the option to purchase game day warm-ups that may be worn in place of dress clothes.




     Considering that basketball is a very rigorous sport, which takes a great deal of energy, it is imperative that players get the right amount of rest daily.  It has been found that a MINIMUM of eight hours per night is necessary.  It is therefore a suggestion that players get to bed by 10:00 p.m. on weeknights and 11:30 p.m. on the weekends or earlier.  Parents and athletes are highly encouraged to abide by this rule.  The right to set other curfew times will be at the full discretion of the coach.  Breaking curfew can result in disciplinary action.




1.  Most good basketball programs start at the elementary level and develop as the athlete advances through school.  I ask that players and parents support all basketball programs and their activities in the community.


2.  Parents are essential to any program.  If any of you have a problem throughout the season please feel free to contact me.  I am available throughout the school day at 291- (ext. 202 or 220) or you may contact me at home at any time.  Most potential problems can be solved through communication. 


3.  Players will be encouraged to attend most Junior High home games and vocally support the program.


4.  Players will be asked to participate in a program designed for younger basketball players.  This will mean some additional time spent with youngsters, but the time will be beneficial for both the players and the youngsters.  (i.e. Little Dribblers)




1.  I believe in tough discipline in the classroom and on the basketball court.  I will not allow horsing around on the court at any time.  I expect all my players to treat one another with respect.  Any show of an unacceptable attitude may result in punishment, loss of playing time, not being allowed to suit-up for a game or games, or may be as severe as dismissal from the team.


2.  A positive mental attitude is essential to becoming a good team contributor.


3.  Players will be expected to maintain a high level of physical health.  Conditioning will be an important part of our practice.


4.  The training rules, as set down in our athletic code, will be strictly enforced.  It is the responsibility of the athletes and the parents to cooperate with the COACHES in supporting the athletic code.  The "step system" which has been established in last few years, entitles a person to a second chance, but any use of tobacco, alcohol, or any other mind altering drug on a second occurrence will result in immediate dismissal from the team.


5.  Players who put personal satisfaction above the success of the team will be punished harshly.  The “step program” mentioned above, has its heart in the right place but does not take into consideration the pain and team disruption that is felt by the other players who were responsible enough to live within the guidelines and policies of the team.  The coaching staff will not allow a player or players to disrupt the team by violating team rules

6.  Goals are essential to any individual and especially an athlete.  Since we are a team we will be setting our team goals as soon as possible.




1.  My team workouts are an open practice situation, and I, therefore, welcome parent observation.  But if this privilege is abused by anyone or if the situation becomes unfavorable to either the players or me, the privilege will be discontinued.  Parents and visitors are not to interfere with the players or the COACHES.  The coach reserves the right to close a practice session to the public at anytime.


2.  After a ball game I would ask all parents, visitors, and press to wait outside until the players and COACHES have finished in the locker room.  A manager will be outside my locker room door to take messages for players and to let you know when it is all right for visitors to enter the locker room.


3.  No one is allowed in the locker room at half time except players, COACHES and team personnel.







1.  Physical and mental development of the student/athletes.


2.  Provide an activity for students who are willing to make the extra effort into making this team into the best it can be.


3.  Provide the athletes with an opportunity to set and attain team and personal goals.  Motivate the players to become better students academically and athletically.


4.  To provide the athlete with the opportunity to realize that he is responsible for his actions and must be willing to accept the consequences for those actions.


5.  To organize and plan a program to aid students from elementary levels through their high school careers.


6.  Provide opportunity and assistance for qualified players to further their athletic and educational experiences.  But it must also be understood that athletics is a very competitive arena, in fact only about 5% of all High School basketball players go on to play college ball.  High School sports are not feeder programs for college athletics, but if an athlete wants to commit the time needed to succeed at the college level the opportunity is always available.







     The signing of this page signifies that we, both parent and players, have read the entire handbook and understand it to the best of our knowledge.  Our signatures also signify that we are willing to adhere to all the policies spelled out within this information packet.




     You, as parents must aid the COACHES in the administering of the policies within this handout.  This means you must be willing to enforce the rules established by the COACHES.  We, the coaches, feel that these rules are important in making this season and the entire program a success.  The coaches do not feel that any of the policies set forth in this packet are so severe that compliance is impossible or unreasonable.




     You, as athletes, must realize that every function in life has rules or parameters, which must be adhered to in order that each person knows the appropriate action in the appropriate situation.   Athletes must also realize that every action has consequences, both good and bad, and each student/athlete must be willing to accept the consequences of his actions.




     In no way is this handout or this signature page meant to be a heavy weight hanging over the head of each athlete.  But we, the coaches, feel it is necessary to notify you, the parents and athletes, of our rules and the expectation that these rules by followed.  We feel that everyone concerned feels better when each player knows his parameters or just exactly where they stand.  This handout is simply an attempt to be fair to all parties involved.




ATHLETES SIGNATURE ______________________________________




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